Red Papaya Puree

The wide product range of processed products exported by Tricom Fruits includes puree made from both Red and Yellow papaya fruit. The puree processed by Tricom Fruits maintains the uniform, homogeneous smooth composition and is free from fibers.

The puree of the papaya is extracted from the papaya fruit which is a large, oval shaped bulbous fruit. This large fruit has a thin greenish skin, which encloses a yellowish orange to pinkish red coloured soft, pulpy flesh. The centre of the fruit is a hollow nestling black rounded seeds. A variety of seedless papayas are also grown these days.

Tricom Fruits naturally ripens the cultivated unripe fruits and the puree is extracted from full ripe papaya fruit, after blanching, peeling, cutting and removing the seeds.

The fruit is widely consumed as a table fruit, particularly at breakfast and as a dessert. The puree, along with cream, also makes an excellent healthy breakfast food. Though the papaya has a sweet taste it does not have high sugar content and recommended in regular diet. It is widely used in the preparation of jams, mixed fruit drink, baby foods, confectionery, ice cream and yoghurt.

Rich in anti-oxidants and fibers, the variety of the puree contains a whole group of vitamins, including A, C, E, B-9 and K.

Product - Aseptic Red Papaya Puree
Variety - Taiwan-786
Origin - Indian
Refractometric Brix @ 20°C (Brix) Min 8
Acidity (As % Anhydrous Citric Acid ) 0.2 - 0.6
pH 3.50 - 4.50
Consistency- Bostwick@ 25°C (cms/30 sec) 7.0 - 14.0
Viscosity – Brookfield @ 25°C (cps) 1500 - 8000
Brix-Acid Ratio 10 - 50
Black Specks (nos/10 gm) NMT 5
Brown Specks (nos/10 gm) NMT 10
Total Plate Count (cfu/gm ) NMT 10
Yeast & Mould Count (cfu/gm ) NMT 10
Coliform Count (cfu/gm ) Absent
ATSB /gm Absent
Colour Brick red
Flavour Typical Red Papaya
Taste Characteristic Red Papaya
Appearance Homogenous
Additives & Preservatives
Free from Added Sugars, Flavours, Aromas, Colours & Preservatives
Aseptic Bag Placed in 220 Litre Open Head Steel Drums, 215 Kgs Net & 233 Kgs Gross
Recommended Storage temperature @ 10°Celsius
Maximum Storage Temperature - Ambient (25°C)
Shelf Life
18 months from the Date of Production under Ambient Conditions
24 Months from the Date of Production @ 10°Celsius
Shipping / Container Loading
80 Drums in 20 Ft Dry Container, 17.20 MT Net & 18.24 MT Gross


  • Located in India's most fertile fruit producing region.
  • Processing a wide variety of fruits.
  • State-of-the-art facility & modern technology.
  • Adhere to globally certified quality practices.
  • Adopt international grade packaging standards.

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