Red Papaya Frozen Clear Juice Concentrate

The wide product range exported by Tricom Fruits includes red papaya frozen clear juice concentrate.

Extracted from naturally ripened red papayas, Tricom Fruits uses modern technology to retain the natural goodness of the fruit. The clear juice concentrate is widely used in mixed fruit drinks, beverages, cocktails, etc. Papaya clear juice concentrate is rich in anti-oxidants and contains vitamin A, C, E, B-9 and K.

Product - Frozen Clarified Red Papaya Juice Concentrate
Variety - Lucknow-89
Origin - Indian
Refractometric Brix @ 20°C (Brix) 64.0 - 66.0
Acidity (As % Anhydrous Citric Acid ) 2.50 - 3.40
pH 3.60 - 4.50
Turbidity in NTU 05 - 50
Viscosity – Brookfield @ 25°C (cps) 200 - 5000
Brix-Acid Ratio 19 - 26
Total Plate Count (cfu/gm ) Max 2000
Yeast & Mould Count (cfu/gm ) NMT 10
Coliform Count (cfu/gm ) Absent
ATSB /gm Absent
Colour Brick Red
Flavour Typical of Red Papaya
Taste Characteristic of Red Papaya
Appearance Homogenous
Additives & Preservatives
Free from Added Sugars, Flavours, Aromas, Colours & Preservatives
Aseptic Bag Placed in 220 Litre Open Head Steel Drums ,260 Kgs Net & 278 Kgs Gross
Recommended Storage Temperature to be -18°Celsius
Shelf Life
24 Months from the Date of Product @ -18°Celsius
Shipping / Container Loading
108 Drums in 40 Ft Reefer Container, 28.08 MT Net & 30.02 MT Gross


  • Located in India's most fertile fruit producing region.
  • Processing a wide variety of fruits.
  • State-of-the-art facility & modern technology.
  • Adhere to globally certified quality practices.
  • Adopt international grade packaging standards.

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