Composition of various Committees of Board of Directors

Audit Committee:

Mr. Gajanan Posti – Independent Director - Chairperson

Mr. Chandrakant Joshi- Executive Director - Member

Ms. Sangita Chikane- Independent Director- Member

Nomination & Remuneration Committee:-

Mr. Sangita Chikane - Independent Director -Chairperson

Ms. Gajanan Posti -Independent Director- Member

Mrs. Sandeep Sutar- Independent Director- Member

Stakeholders’ Relationship Committee:-

Mr. Sangita Chikane – Independent Director -Chairperson

Mrs. Gajanan Posti -Non-Executive Director- Member

Mr. Chandrakant Joshi- Executive Director- Member


  • Located in India's most fertile fruit producing region.
  • Processing a wide variety of fruits.
  • State-of-the-art facility & modern technology.
  • Adhere to globally certified quality practices.
  • Adopt international grade packaging standards.

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